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Inoksan, the leading company of the industrial kitchen sector that takes firm steps forward its goal, being a world brand, made its mark frequently in 2018 with the projects that it realized both in the country and abroad.


Having completed its practices toward strengthening its corporal structure in 2018, the industry-leading company Inoksan increased its capacity particularly in strategic product groups with its 2-million Euros investment on machinery. Inoksan General Manager, Esra Altay Batkın, who talked about the success journey of Inoksan in 2018, signaled that the company will be more active in global markets in 2019. 


2% of our turnover is allocated to R&D practices

Completing the SAP installation with an investment of 4 million Turkish Liras in the information system field, Inoksan continues to improve itself to keep its customer satisfaction at the highest level. Esra Altay Batkın summarized the new investment and R&D activities: "In order to meet the product demand in the new export market and to sustain the demand, we have been continuing our investments on the products with the highest national added-value ratios. We allocate 2% of our turnover to R&D activities and we are working hard for delivering works that add value to the industry. In this direction, we are preparing to present the new products that we have been developing in Inoksan R&D Center to the global market in 2019.


Inoksan will be active in foreign markets in 2019

Having accomplished a 30% growth in the company-wide, it aims to increase its exports by 45% in 2019. I would like to emphasize that we exported our products to over 80 countries in 2018. We achieved very successful results in the foreign market in 2018. We also successfully completed our CQC audit for the Chinese market at the end of the year. In the next period, there will be leading markets of ours in Africa and the Asia Pacific. We have great expectations from the European retail market as well as specific countries such as China, India, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We will continue to grow in the market with new projects and cooperation in 2019."


"We are a player of a 15-billion Turkish Lira market."

Considering the industrial kitchen industry today, we see that it is a giant sector that reaches 15-billion TL market size, providing employment to 60 thousand people. We are the leading company in surrounding countries and second in Europe in terms of industrial kitchen equipment. We have a quite good position in terms of export as Turkey. We have been appearing in the international market with our innovative products and trying to represent our country in the best way possible. In this direction, we will continue our technological investments in our factory.

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