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INOKSAN strives to provide the best service for the customers by providing the products and project services in align with the current and future client expectations. In order to design a proper plan, fundamental data such as capacity, menu and way of service, procurement availability and organization should be determined.

The design that is aimed to provide hygiene and occupational safety and decrease the business costs should take the data into consideration. As the project is being designed, the kitchen work flow direction, hygiene conditions, storage, preparation, cooking, service and dish washing should be planned in lineear fashion. Regardless of the size of the area, these functions must be provided.

The entire INOKSAN sales force with project managers in İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, İzmir and Samsun regional offices include skillful, informed and design savvy employees that are capable of utilizing Autocad. Capable to collaborate with architectures at different phases, INOKSAN provides flexible works and solutions differentiating from the competition.

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