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Step by step success journey of Inoksan


Inoksan - the leader of industrial kitchen sector - achieving its objectives listed in 5 years Development Road Map step by step within the scope of the Turquality program applied by the Ministry of Economy for the purpose of "Creating world brands in Turkey". Expressing that they are struggling seriously with powerful competitors in certain target markets, Inoksan Mutfak A.S. General Manager V. Emre Varlık says, "the most crucial criteria in this struggle is the quality, then the delivery and economy come."


Working on their unique products with the superiority coming from being an R&D Centre, Inoksan starts to reveal its difference in the world market with its designs. Successfully passed all tests in the USA, the products are challenging the doors of China nowadays. CQC tests to cost USD 300.000 took start and Inoksan ultimately trusts on its products at this point. 


Saying, "Now, it's time to increase the capacity to meet the product demand in new markets and perpetuate the demand... On-time delivery and constant quality are the indispensables of Inoksan", Mr. Varlık continued his words; "The investment budgeted for this reason is approved at the general assembly.  The capacity increases at a rate of 250% to 400% are realized in 2925, 2919 and 2914 NACE coded products.  The products in these groups are listed among the group of products that are strategic and have high added value in terms of our country.


Since the technology of the machines, which is the subject of the investment, is completely up-to-date and at advanced level, we are removing the limits in front of our designers at R&D.  They are totally independent in their drawings and creativity. Because no construction unit left to be manufactured in metal processing, cutting and shaping. The imitation of our products is getting quietly harder. With the new investments, an additional employment of approximately 75 people is being created. We are proceeding with determination towards 2023 targets together with the country's economy.


Emerging in the world arena with the innovative products and exporting the products to more than 100 countries on 5 continents, Inoksan protects its growth target of 20% set for 2018.  Continuing the investments directed to increasing the production capacity, Inoksan incorporated various machines into the factory to mitigate the labour force and increase the production power in the new period.


"We are increasing our production capacity in strategic products at a rate of 250% to 400%"

Believing in the importance of technologic investment in the industrial kitchen sector, Inoksan continues to develop itself in this direction. Inoksan Mutfak A.Ş. General Manager V. Emre Varlık gives the information on that they are purchasing new devices for the factory to increase the production capacity. "The industrial kitchen sector is a sector that is continuously developing and should be at close interval with the gastronomy sector. Therefore, we, as Inoksan, we are continuously improving our brands and keeping them update, and enabling our users to see the innovations initially from us. We closed the first quarter of the year with moderately successful numbers.


A new investment of approximately Euro 2.000.000!

Our front is always open for new investments. We targeted to increase our production capacity without making concession on our innovative and perfect service at all the times approach. In this direction; we realized the investments for stainless steel iron sheet cutting machine Laser, stainless steel iron sheet drilling and shaping machine Punch and Abkant, stainless steel iron sheet automatic shaper Automatic Twisting Centre (P2), the Test Device to perform the safety tests of the devices with the assembly completed at the end of the assembly lines, Branding machine to make symbol, name, brand, etc. application on the stainless steel surfaces of the manufactured devices and finally, Burr Removal machine to remove the burrs remained on the cutting surfaces at the end of cutting operation. Together with all these machines, we added power to our production power with a new investment of approximately Euro 2.000.000 in total. 


"We are a player of a market of 13 billion liras"

When we take a look at the industrial kitchen sector today, it is a giant sector reached to a market size of 13 billion liras and providing employment for 60 thousand people.  We are first among the surrounding countries and second in Europe in terms of industrial kitchen equipment production. Same in the export, too, as Turkey, we are in a moderately good position. We are emerging with our innovative products in the world arena and trying to represent our country in the best manner. We will continue the technological investments we made for our factory in this direction.

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