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Inoksan, the leading company in the industrial kitchenware industry, participated in the 31st ANFAS Hotel Equipment International Accommodation and Hospitality Equipment Trade Fair with its Inoksdesign brand buffet and service equipment.


Inoksdesign, Inoksan's strong brand operating in the buffet and service equipment industry, met with the visitors of 31st ANFAS Hotel Equipment International Accommodation and Hospitality Equipment Fair. With its professional kitchens, Inoksan has been preferred by the most prestigious organizations in the world; Inoksdesign, which benefits from Inoksan's experience in the industry, has developed modular and aesthetic products with its technology since 2006, and manufactured products ensuring high speed, hygiene, high performance, time, and energy.


Vehbi Varlık, Chairman of the Board of Inoksan, expresses his views on the exhibition: "ANFAS, is a trade fair in the field of HoReCa held in Antalya and also it is the biggest exhibition in Turkey. With the development of participating companies, this platform had a significant advance. Also, it represents Turkey in the world in the best way. This fair, which started with kitchen equipment, has partnered with hotel equipment, which has been a very correct decision. Antalya, which is a hotel region, has also contributed to this combination. We can say that it is a very special fair where hotels can meet all their demands. We have been participating in this fair for years and the participation figures are quite high. On the other hand, ANFAS has been managed in a conscient way and has grown with the support of the participants. This year, we attended only with our Inoksdesign brand, which operates in the category of buffet and service equipment. The demands are high, the number of qualified visitors is high and we are proud of our products which are highly appreciated."


The booth of Inoksan, which was a frequent destination for chefs, students, and industry professionals, hosted Executive Chef Murat Aslan, Kitchens Coordinator of Big Chefs for the signature event of his book titled "Memoirs of a Chef" on the second and third days of the fair.

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